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c2z (development version)

  • Moved CristinMonthly and CristinUnits, including several internal functions (e.g., CristinMail and CristinWeb Dict) to c2z4uni to keep maintenance simpler.
  • Fixed a bug in CristinWrangler where an empty creators field caused an error when deciding to use external data or Cristin data.

  • Added internal function CrossrefRetracted to check whether CrossRef (Retraction Watch) has marked a publication/DOI as retracted in api.labs. If true [RETRACTED] will be added as a prefix to the title of the publication.

  • Added internal functions UnescapeHtml and HtmlCollapse to improve fetching abstracts from XML.

  • Added internal function SemanticScholar to provide better abstracts for ZoteroDoi (if using prefer.semantic is set to TRUE).

  • Added a internal function InsertUpdate to update/insert zotero items by key.

  • Fixed minor bug in CristinWrangler with empty external.creators

  • Fixed a bug in ZoteroDelete where the function failed to get the latest version of the library.

  • Exported the previously internal ZoteroFormat. It can now check the structure of a provided tibble/dataframe using the check.structure argument.

  • Fixed an error in DoiCrossref where sub.type was length > 1 and type (e.g., “preprint”) was not succesfully extracted with rvest.

  • Made CristinWrangler somewhat less cumbersome.

  • Made a small adjustment to ZoteroIsbn where some edited books contained both 100 and 700 fields leading to an error where first editor was also listed as first author rather than only listing editors.

  • Added the option to filter out non-nvi publication in Cristin, using the logical argument nvi, default FALSE.

  • Improved speed of ZoteroDelete.

  • Moved Cls out of ZoteroExport for more universal handling.

  • Fixed a bug in ZoteroExport where ZoteroGET reported wrong number of results.

  • Added a full.update argument (default: TRUE) to CristinMonthly, if set to false the function will only create bibliography for new items.

  • Fixed a bug in ZoteroLibrary where function did not return NULL when searching for non-existing collection keys.

  • Fixed a bug in ZoteroGET where using item/collection keys would only result in a maximum result of 100 items/collections.

  • Creted an internal function Dict to handle language output, for the moment English and Norwegian.

  • Minor adjustments to CristinMonthly and the internal functions CristinMail and CristinWeb.

  • Removed limit from Zotero API when requsted format is versions or keys.

c2z 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-08-10

  • Added the function Cristinunits to create a tibble with information about (nested) units in Cristin (e.g., A University -> Faculties -> Departments -> Groups). The tibble can than be used to extract data for each unit from Cristin.

  • Added the function CristinMonthly to create a per month Zotero collections for units defined in Cristinunits. It may use the internal functions CristinMail and CristinWeb to create a newsletter using HTML for email and web, respectively.

  • Fixed a bug in ZoteroFormat where parentCollection key, in some special cases, were identified as logical rather than character (Zotero uses a combination of logical and character in this field). The error caused an error in combining some collections.

  • Fixed a bug in ZoteroWrangler where book sections with empty creators in main book caused a NA error.

  • Made a major revision of ZoteroLibray, making it less recursive and bloated.
  • Made handling of API status codes consistent throughout the package. Removed the now somewhat redundant debug checks.
  • Fixed a bug in CristinWrangler where successfully identified duplicates with modified content in Cristin failed to update key, version and collections, thus creating new copies rather than updating existing items.

  • Removed hyphens from ISBN when importing from Cristin to simplify filtering.

  • Fixed a bug in CristinWrangler where was set to TRUE rather than forcing item-type to book (part_of) for book chapters.

  • Fixed an issue in ZoteroLibrary where zero collections were reported when finding a specific collection key.

  • Fixed an issue in ZoteroFormat where tags could be listed as either a data.frame or list

  • Fixed an issue in CristinWrangler where creatorType of parent items are listed as authors when they are (most probably) editors.

  • Fixed an issue in DoiCrossref where first and last names sometimes are switched due to an alt-name field in the XML.

  • Fixed some issues with badges in README.

  • Made some adjustments to ZoteroGet. bibliography now contains, in addition to bib, bib.body and bib.item separating style form the reference.

  • Created an internal function called ZoteroId to extract ids from extra field.

  • Added some internal functions to handle dates: Months to display (abbreviated) month names in Norwegian and English, ChangeDate to add/subtract date from date (e.g., days, weeks, months), FloorDate to set the first day of the month, and CeilingDate so set the last day of the month.

  • Added a flowchart, why not.

c2z 0.1.4

CRAN release: 2023-03-23

  • Resubmission to CRAN: Part Deux
  • Moved CristinSupported from CristinWrangler to Cristin to better manage filtering of items, and to reduce the number of lines (666) in CristinWrangler to a more manageable function (522).
  • Moved option to include HTML bibliography from ZoteroExport to ZoteroLibrary to avoid any redundant API calls.

  • Omitted the redundant “in R” at the end of title in DESCRIPTION.

  • Made examples in exported functions executable. All functions, except Zotero and CristinSupported, are set within \donttest, as the functions, either directly or indirectly calls various API’s, and may violate CRAN’s 5 second limit.

c2z 0.1.3

  • Resubmission to CRAN
  • Fixed an error in ZoteroDoi that did not account for spaces within the DOI itself (e.g., 10.3390/ foods12061167)
  • Made ZoteroGet split up itemKey and collectionKey in lists of keys based on the limit argument, as Zotero API does not limit using multiple keys in the same fashion as ordinary query (i.e., based on start and limit intervals).

  • Made retrieving bibliography and citation fields from Zotero more elegant.

  • Fixed broken URLs.

  • Added single quotes to (software) names in the Description field in DESCRIPTION.

  • Separated counting items (n.items) and attachments (n.attachments).

  • Fixed another million typos.

c2z 0.1.2

  • Submission to CRAN

c2z 0.1.1

  • Added an internal function FixCreators to correct Zotero items where the creators is listed by lastName but with an empty firstName rather than using name only. The error caused an crash in ZoteroIndex.

  • Fixed Zoteronot being able to use an empty API key to access public libraries

  • Added examples and a vignette prior to CRAN submission.

  • Made it optional to include items from ZoteroLibrary.

  • Added an internal function ErrorCode to provide information on JSON response codes.

  • Made some adjustments to ZoteroGet with an option to define results name (e.g., as collections or items).

  • Made some adjustments to the noise levels of the silent argument, being somewhat inconsistent between the different functions. Still not happy with the amount of feedback for recursive operations.

  • Fixed about a million typos.

c2z 0.1.0

  • Initial launch with the following features:
  • Add, edit, copy, and delete (nested) Zotero collections.
  • Add, edit, copy, and delete Zotero items, including attachments.
  • Export Zotero items in R as BibLaTeX (and other formats).
  • (Batch) import common references from Cristin.
  • Currently supported formats: books (e.g., monographs, anthologies), book chapters, journal articles, presentations (e.g., lectures), and opinions pieces.
  • (Batch) import references from ISBN and DOI.
  • Currently supported formats: books, book chapters, conference papers, journal articles
  • (Batch) import Norwegian white papers (i.e., Meld. St., St.meld.) and official Norwegian reports (i.e., NOU).
  • Batch import R packages from CRAN.
  • Search CrossRef, automatically and manually, by author(s), title, and year.
  • Augment Cristin references through ISBN, DOI, or CrossRef search.
  • Added for documentation
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added a file to track future work on the package.
  • Added a file as an introduction to the package.
  • Added a because people should be nice.
  • Added a badge.webp just because